maandag 21 november 2011

All of us, we're going out tonight we're gonna walk all over your cars, oh we're gonna steal your skies

I know it's been like 6 months since I posted something on here but I just couldn't bare watching that last post 'Broken' and for it to be the last one. In the past 6 months lots has happened, The Ex broke up with his gf again, came back to me and I felt for it again, were together for couple of months when he dumped me for the second time to go back to her this was like 6 weeks ago and I haven't heard a single word of him since. It didn't even made me sad anymore, just really really mad. But I think it had to happen in order to realize that he doesn't give shit about me and he is a total asshole who doesn't deserve me. I actually believe myself when I'm saying this so that's a good thing I guess! I'm not thinking about him that often anymore since my life changed alot. I moved to a studenthome in the centre of Amsterdam with 5 other roommates, lots of fun going out drinking meeting new people, which I really needed to escape my past world including The Ex. Also I'm studying at the university of Amsterdam now, bye bye high school! Everything is different now and it's much better. I travelled alot in the summer: budapest, greece, milan and visited alot of concerts and festivals. Don't know if I'll be blogging regularly again since I'm crazy busy here but I will definitely try because I missed it! XXX