donderdag 22 juli 2010

times are changing

ohh I got back a couple of days ago from my trip to greece with my 7 besties. I had so much fun, we partied every night until 8 o'clock in the morning, only to wake up around 2 in the afternoon and start drinking and dancing again. All this combined with a lot of sun, good company, coctails & corona's nonstop and great music!

We made a lot of new friends and so many things has happened to us that led us to new insights. I officially broke up with my so-called 'boyfriend', who was an ass anyway! As well as my best friend, who was in a long relationship for 3 years. Next year my dear friends will be leaving me for better places to study but I will be stuck in here. I quit with fieldhockey. This holiday has changed all of us, the new friends we made were so much fun and inspiring, we're still keeping touch. Oohh I miss it so much, 10 days nonstop party and fun and it brought our group only closer.

I'm in a really positiv place right now and I'm feeling so blessed and happy. Those new insights confirmed some doubts I was having about some people and right now I'm in a position to make changes. People I need in my life, people I'd better cut out.

Right now I'm getting ready for my next holiday, leaving tonight for a French island with my parents, just a relaxing holiday, laying in the sun, having dinner and sleeping sleeping sleeping as I am still so so tired from my partyholiday.

I'm off, enjoying my life some more :)

donderdag 8 juli 2010

you fill up my senses like a sleepy blue ocean

3-2!! WE FREAKING MADE IT!! TO THE FINALY!! I'm sooo excited and soo proud, whole amsterdam was going CRAZY last thursday. Now we need to beat Spain and then we are world champion.. I can't believe it, it's gonna be a tough one though, saw Spain - Germany yesterday and they were really really good. This night I'm leaving for Greece, can't waith. Blue seas, hard sun, coctails combined with morning cigarettes and party party all night long! So I'll be watching the finaly in Greece. They should prepare for a serious dutch invasion!

maandag 5 juli 2010


what a waster, what a fucking waster, you pissed it all up the wall, around the corner where they chased her

Oh I really wanna know, so tell me, where does all the money go, where does all the money go, straight, straight up her nose

When she wakes up in the morning
She writes down all her dreams

There's tears coming out from everywhere
The citys hard the citys fair
Get back inside you've got nothing on
No you mind yer bleedin own you two bob cunt

The Dug-Out

Why do you lie with your legs ungainly huddled,
And one arm bent across your sullen, cold,
Exhausted face? It hurts my heart to watch you
Deep-shadowed from the candle's guttering gold
And you wonder why I shake you by the shoulder
Drowsy, you mumble and sigh and turn your head..
You are too young to fall asleep for ever
And when you sleep you remind me of the dead.

Siegfried Sassoon

Poem about WW1 we studied a year ago at school, it always gets me for some reason. I love some poetry from time to time.

zaterdag 3 juli 2010


OOOOMG. going CRAZY, we freaking won from brazil, 2-1!! I've been praying, hoping, that we'll beat them but I was staying realistic. Though the first part of the game, Holland sucked, the second part we fucking ruled and won! So proud, love how whole of Holland is one big giant orange craze. So ofcourse we ended up in the city going totally crazy and it was a great night!

The guy I've been talking about before, I'll call him He/Him from now on. He came up to me yesterday and though the line is crossed so long time ago I don't even know where the line is, yesterday he double crossed it. He litterly said; 'I'll always have you in the back of my mind and I know, I feel that I'm able to fall in love all over again like 4 years ago. I'm not over you'
And I wanted to respond so badly, I ofcourse didn't. Bro's over ho's.

Another party tonight :) can't waith, he won't be there and I actually kinda like that. The heat has been insane the last couple of days, it's even to hot to tan, now it's raining like crazy, and I kinda like that as well:)