maandag 30 augustus 2010

so it's official, all of my friends are moved to different cities! Just got off the train, the last couple of days I've been helping them move and paint and unpack and settle. But today their studies are beginning so it was time for me to go back home and wait for my precious highschool to start as well! It sucks, so close of being in the same position as them, only one year and than I will join them. Now I'm back here with not 1 friend in my city and raining raining raining every day I'm gonna catch up on some series, work a little and spending some quality time with the fam:) Laters

woensdag 25 augustus 2010

hand me your stella and fly

after alot of drama, and sometimes not even drama but just annoying/boring times, I decided not to go into anything serious with boys for a little while. I'm not saying that I'm swearing them off because I love boys. I love to flirt, make out with strangers and just have a good time. I love the game. I'm still so young, why destroy my youth with all the serious relationships and tears I always end up with. I am so absolutely done with it, it makes me smile. Without all this pressure, it makes life so much more fun. Going out with the girls is all about making fun and you know, I'm getting a whole lot more attention from boys when I'm not paying attention to them. I love it. I made a whole lot of new contacts, since there are no strings attached I've been so much less stressed and wondering things like: why doesn't he call, why doesn't he text, what does he really think of me blablabla. For me that's all bullshit right now. Just living my life and not overthinking everything that much, and its going great:)

donderdag 19 augustus 2010

I do not have to go down this road anymore
I've heard it all
The talks, excuses, compliments, even the sound of actual guilt
After the different paths I've walked, boys I've met and citys I've seen
I can honestly say
I'm not gonna settle for less anymore

zondag 15 augustus 2010

hand me down my pants and get me of the street

aww totally hangovered, lost my voice, wearing my yesterdays make-up still, and broken down tired from toes to head. The weather hasn't been great here and yesterday was one of the few days with alot of sun and nothing to do like work or driving lessons etc. So one of my besties and me decided to go to the beach, which is a two hour drive, and just chill the whole day there, than drive back, open roof & loud music, have dinner somewhere on the way, fresh up at home, drink a little vino and go out till 6 in the morning. It was one of those perfect days, laughed so much, smoked too much, drunk alot but most of all I had so much fun! Now there's not really much left to do today than laying in my bed and watch some movies. Feels like oldtime weekends :) XX

vrijdag 13 augustus 2010

night in the city where the lights has introduced me to your face

why talk when baby i can look in those dreamy eyes forever?
why spoil it with words and reality when my sight is all i need right now?
reason is being overrated

but i am lost in time and in a place so far
I don't even know your name

shots are running and jack is ruling my night
i could stay here all night

you make me want to stay

blinding lights, bad company but it feels right
i need you to stay

your pretty face becomes my drug
daydreaming has become a part of the day

watching the door
word has it you like your saturdays in here

idealised scenario's aint happening tonight
give me your cigarette and your smell to hang into for an hour or some
leaving, cause you're too cool to stay
go, cause i'll be good for an hour or some

donderdag 12 augustus 2010

he's so much more than you used to

# just got back from my lovely trip to france, lots of sun, in contrast to the dark of holland! and lots of chilling at the beach, sleeping, reading, listening to music, late night cosmopolitans and summer romances. Why are the boys from a foreign land so much more attractive and perfect than the boys from my school/work etc? Soso happy about my decision couple weeks back to breakup with mr nobody. So many better man in this world.
#finally ordered 'eat pray love' on the internet after hearing so much about it.

# my summer tunes of this summer:
Kings of Leon - Where Nobody Knows
Bobby Banzini - I Wonder
Mat Kearny - Can't Break Her Fall
José Gonzáles - Heartbeats
South - Painth The Silence
Elliot Smith - Between The Bars
Citizen Cope - Sideways
Radiohead- Fog (pianoversion)
Joseph Arthur - In The Sun
# went to 'Inception' yesterday, what a movie! One of the best I have seen in a long time! Really, go see it! It will keep your mind going!
# After two amazing trips it's time to go back to reality, that means working working working all day every day and starting my driving lessons (finally). After three weeks of this, it's also time to go back to school!