dinsdag 27 april 2010

twothousand years of chasing has takin its toll

So my pc has crasheddd, I knew it was only a matter of time since appaerently I was having a illegal version of windows (???) and was downloading so much my computer couldn't take it anymore. Which really sucks since all my music and pics and movies and tvshows and schoolwork I've been gathering over the last 6 years are all gone now, never made backups.. stupid stupid stupid me.

my life at school isn't really working out for me, I only have a few more weeks left but I just can't waith to leave this hellhole they call highschool. Not so much because of the people in it, they make it more fun, but because of the retarded teachers who decided to turn our highschool into some sort of prison.

I want to kick every man who has ever said that girls are complicated/hard to figure out/from another planet or anything like this. It's really them making EVERYTHING complicated!! The guy I'm currently dating has giving me signals he's really really into me and he always takes the lead when it comes to dating, but now he's ignoring my calls and texts, really I don't even like him that much, just tell me what the * is on your mind? Next to that there's this guy I was in love with 4 years ago and never really got over and still think about almost everyday but I decided to leave things at this since he made it very clear he wasn't into me. So now, he's texting me and approaching me and flirting with me like crazy!! Stop messing with my head please.

VERYY excited for friday, when I'll be leaving good old Amsterdam for NEW YORK!!! I. can't. waith. any. LONGERRRRR! never been here before, never even been in America! and now I'm going with my family for one week. Saved all my money for the last couple of months to shop BIG TIME! ooh makes my heart sing.

So now I have to go study for my English test tomorrow, I'll just have to go through the last days here at school and than get ready for NYC! helllyezzz

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  1. Well said - love this rant !

    Hope these guys are reading your blog!!!

    Have a GREAT time in NYC!! I lived there for about a year, the most amazing city you will ever go to!

    Char x