zaterdag 8 mei 2010

we gonna show this town how to kiss the stars

I just returned from NYC and goddd what a city.. I've never been to New York or even America before and I've been looking forward to this week for sooo long and oh it was worth waiting for! It's such a different world. The high buildings, suprisingly nice sweet and warm people, the delicious (and cheap!) food, I ate cupcakes & cheesecake for the first time, so delicious! And the shops, holy shit, so many beautiful warehouses such as macy's and so many small cute boutiques! My hotel was in the middle of Manhattan next to Times Square, luckily the bomb didn't go off. Also Central Park was so beautiful and nice and quite in contrast to the busy loud city! I loved the city at night, all those beautiful lights.. Though I loved the tourist side of town, I adore soho/greenwich village. It was a little bit less busy/touristique and more actual new yorkers! I loved every minute of New York, I felt home.

And since all the drama and problems I'm having with boys I forget all about how fun it is just to flirt and nothing more, to sit at a restaurant having dinner and having a good time and suddenly you look up to this hot guy who's sitting a couple tables away, you keep looking at him until he looks back, your eyes meet and than the game begins, and it never goes further than this, I love this game. And I'm actually good at this part, but when he starts talking and you get to know eachother and he wants so meet again and exchange phonenumbers the fun is gone for me. I love the mystery.

But all good things come to an end and I'm soso tired and jetlagged but I have to face reality and have to study and work again. But me and New York will for sure meet again someday!

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  1. I've never been to NYC but I'm dying to go! Sounds like you had a fantastic time. Love all the pics in this post too!

    thanks for your comments on my blog, you have a sweet blog here too!


  2. Hi, thanks for the comments/compliments!

    How amazing is NYC... I'm moving there next year - my boy lives there :(

    I can't believe you'd never had cupcakes and cheesecake!! I bake cupcakes just about every two weeks!