donderdag 22 juli 2010

times are changing

ohh I got back a couple of days ago from my trip to greece with my 7 besties. I had so much fun, we partied every night until 8 o'clock in the morning, only to wake up around 2 in the afternoon and start drinking and dancing again. All this combined with a lot of sun, good company, coctails & corona's nonstop and great music!

We made a lot of new friends and so many things has happened to us that led us to new insights. I officially broke up with my so-called 'boyfriend', who was an ass anyway! As well as my best friend, who was in a long relationship for 3 years. Next year my dear friends will be leaving me for better places to study but I will be stuck in here. I quit with fieldhockey. This holiday has changed all of us, the new friends we made were so much fun and inspiring, we're still keeping touch. Oohh I miss it so much, 10 days nonstop party and fun and it brought our group only closer.

I'm in a really positiv place right now and I'm feeling so blessed and happy. Those new insights confirmed some doubts I was having about some people and right now I'm in a position to make changes. People I need in my life, people I'd better cut out.

Right now I'm getting ready for my next holiday, leaving tonight for a French island with my parents, just a relaxing holiday, laying in the sun, having dinner and sleeping sleeping sleeping as I am still so so tired from my partyholiday.

I'm off, enjoying my life some more :)

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