zaterdag 3 juli 2010


OOOOMG. going CRAZY, we freaking won from brazil, 2-1!! I've been praying, hoping, that we'll beat them but I was staying realistic. Though the first part of the game, Holland sucked, the second part we fucking ruled and won! So proud, love how whole of Holland is one big giant orange craze. So ofcourse we ended up in the city going totally crazy and it was a great night!

The guy I've been talking about before, I'll call him He/Him from now on. He came up to me yesterday and though the line is crossed so long time ago I don't even know where the line is, yesterday he double crossed it. He litterly said; 'I'll always have you in the back of my mind and I know, I feel that I'm able to fall in love all over again like 4 years ago. I'm not over you'
And I wanted to respond so badly, I ofcourse didn't. Bro's over ho's.

Another party tonight :) can't waith, he won't be there and I actually kinda like that. The heat has been insane the last couple of days, it's even to hot to tan, now it's raining like crazy, and I kinda like that as well:)

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