donderdag 11 november 2010

if you give up new york, I'll give you tennessee, the only place to be

It's been a ridiculous lonnnggggg time since I've blogged! It's been crazyyy busy at school and work at the moment.. School is very very frustrating, the teachers are all out of there mind, assuming that we have no life or something, and work is ok because I really need the money! But it's been taking all of my free hours away, tomorrow is one of the few days I don't have school until 12, but now I have to work from 8 to half past 11 :( no sleep for me these days.

Buttt there are always good things in life, in only three weeks I'm seeing KOL again :) still enjoying they're album, the more you listen to it the more I'm loving it!!

watched the hills final episode, even though the show was mainly containing nothing, I had goosebumps! Currently addicted to: Glee & Jersey Shore, priceless. I also watched 'The Town', film was ok but Blake Lively? Not a good look on her!

Been planning alot of trips and travels for when I finish highschool in the three months holidaybreak, I may be going to Sidney for two months, visit some family and work on my English, sososo excited about this, I've always wanted to go there! Buttt I have to save alot of money, only tickets are so freakin expensive! But worth it!

Off to sleep now, work tomorrowmorning :( luckily the weekend is starting as well tomorrow; drinks and lots of catching up with my girls :) XOXO

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