zondag 12 december 2010

he offered me the universe but inside my heart there's a picture of a girl

ohh it's been crazy crazy busy days lately, exams coming up, almost working fulltime, little bit of a social life when there's time.. also the winter has come and I'm just not made for the cold and the snow. I need warmth in my bones, I just can't function like this, all I want is a big wintersleep.

I've also been quite frustrated with the 'Ex', he's in a relationship at the moment, and I'm a happy single. Now he texted me: 'I really wonder sometimes who it is you're waiting for.' EXCUSE ME?! As if, when you're single, the only thing you do is desperately waiting around for anyone to come along! Hell no, I'm not waiting for no one, I'm good. So I texted him: 'I'm single and I like it that way, I'm not waiting for anyone.' Only for him to respond: 'Ahh don't worry you'll be ok, someday.' Oh I'm not ok at the moment? I am single by choice.

Besides that, it was a great weekend! Met up with some old friends who moved to Australia but were back in Amsterdam for a couple of days, we met up for dinner and drinks and just had the best time! Nice food, good wine, good company. The night went on and on and we just kept talking and laughing, realized how I've missed them.

Now I'm off to studying again, can't waith for the christmas break, I really need a break from studying for school and the people in the school. Laters x

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