dinsdag 28 december 2010

that taste, all I ever needed, all I ever wanted

when I look back on this year there are various words coming up, but I think: free, careless, laughter & good times, sums it up pretty well. I've learned to care less about what people think of me, I am less insecure than before and learned to stand up for myself and be an own secure person, a lot stronger than before. I'm proud of myself for that, and because of this I learned to let go. Not to overthink and analyse everything. Letting some thoughts/things/people go and stop caring so much. When I look back I see good times, so much fun, just let everything be. Lots of late nights and being free. This year has been a year to catch my breathe, take a break and laugh it off. I see this year as a year of with such great moments with a lot of highs in love and friendship and alot of these memories are actually making me smile at this moment just thinking about it. It has been a great year and I've learned alot about myself and the importance of friendship.

I want 2011 to be a little bit more substantial and I don't want to escape anymore from the 'heavy things'. It's time to put my act together and find out what I want. I've always been scared to make big discissions and commit myself to one thing as I am scared to make the wrong discission and end up with lots of regret. Looking back at 2010, I ran away from the important stuff but I feel I have to face it this year. I want to be less afraid of the future. I alway kind of liked the feeling that everything was possible and I had the whole world in front of me with all its options. This year it will come down to he fact that I have to make descissions and plan my future a bit, which scares the shit out of me. This year I want to find my passion, something that I'm actually good at and I want to do the rest of my life. This is hard because there are so many things that I like but not love in life. Or love but not good at. Or love but don't want to do it the rest of my life. Nothing is certain at the moment and I just need a plan and search for my passion.

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