donderdag 7 januari 2010

one day I'll fly away

One of the things I like to do best is traveling. I'm from Holland and eventhough I really love Amsterdam, I feel there is so much more in this world for me to see. So far I've been to: London, Turky (Istanbul/Bodrum), Spain(Malaga/Madrid/Peniscola/Nerja/Sevilla/Barcelona), Italy (Rimini/Rome/Milan/Piacenza/Sicilie), France, Paris several times; never gets boring:). In may I'm finally going to NEW YORK for a week!! I'm so excited and happy to finally go there, I finally convinced my mother to go there. Can't waith, high expectations!! And this summer I'm going to Greece (Chersonisos) with my friends and with my parents to a french Island: Corsica. I also lived in Brussel for a couple of years when I was younger, really a magical city. After college/school I'm planning to go for a tour around the world or something.. or at least travel for a couple of monts. There are still so many places I wanna visit.. Like Australia, I know people there who live in Sidney, people from my past who're like family to me. For sure that I will visit them one day. Of course America is just one big place I wanna be for a long time, California/NY/LA/hollywood also South America, the latin part. Next to that I believe that Europa has some magical places I haven't discovered yet. This will be my ultimate goal in life, to see the world. Just be free and careless for once. To pack my bags and just leave all the drama and pressure and see what the world has to offer. So many people who lives there lifes the way they supposed to, go to school, go to college, get a job, move in with your boyfriend, next thing you know you're 70 and you're there to see your grandchilds going wild and doing stuff you wish you did when you were young, too late. I wanna see the world while I still can, while I'm still young and have no obligations. It's so easy to just do what you're asked and what they expect you to do. There's so much more in this life. Take a chance and think outside the boxes to make something of your life.

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