woensdag 31 maart 2010

I can't forget the past but I can pretend I'm ok.

this is the third day I'm skipping school and I'm loving it, I've cleaned my whole room, catched up with my homework, discovered good music, took some lang baths and I'm totally relaxedd :). sometimes I need this, a couple days of doing absolutely nothing and I'm becoming good at it! I also catched up with Gossip Girl, I've missed the last three episodes but now I'm up to date again (I'm in love with Chuck, I hate his uncle ^*&#@! and I love Vanessa and Dan together).
It's pretty insane how the highschooldrama keeps following me, even when I'm not in school. I love meeting new positiv people, new energy has been surrounding me last couple of weeks and so far so good. It's nice when you meet new people, they don't know the in's and out's of your life and they're not in a position to judge you. feels like a fresh start. so these 'new' friends heard some rumours and gossips about me, things I've done years ago.. I don't understand why anyone feels the need to discuss my private life with other people and why you wanna be in my business so much. Everybody has made mistakes or done things which they're not proud of and after a while leave the past to the past but for some reason the past keeps following me.. Anyhow, that kinda sucks. but over the years I've learned to be the bigger person and not care so much:) So i'm trying to do that! This will be my last 'free' day, so I'm gonna enjoy it with a nice cup of coffee and tv!

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