maandag 1 maart 2010

we drank wine in the matinee and the spotlight showed what it chased away

I'm a truelly obsessed fan of Kings Of Leon, to me there is no band who does it better. And not just a 'Sex on Fire' or 'Use Somebody'-fan, no I'm a diehard since the beginning. From the moment my father took me to a U2concert and they were the support band. I'm still very thankfull for that.. Caleb Followill's voice speaks right to my soul, they're brilliant and they're true. I love everything about them, they're family and very close and not trying to keep up appearances. And the lyrics.. they're real artists, I'm so happy with their live DVD in the 02 London. I cannot watch that version of 'Cold Desert' without getting tears in my eyes. You know when you hear a song of them, they mean every word of it and they put all their power in it. I saw them in July for the last time. An amazing experience, I laid for hours and hours in front of Ahoy and yess I was standing first row, in front of Caleb with not even 2m distance. I was looking forward to this night for months and months and I remember how I felt.. as if I could faint any moment. So much energy that I kinda missed the whole drama going on on stage. Appaerently it wasn't their best night, there was some tension between the Followills and according to Caleb the audience sucked and there were problems with the sound. I don't know, there are a lot of versions of that night. Anyhow the night ended without getting an encore and they just walked of. The audience was going crazy and my heart stopped beating. Still it was one of the best nights in my life, mostly because they rocked the songs that they did play and I was so close, really nothing could get in the way! I'm still having some mixed feelings when thinking back at that night. But then I thought of something that comfors me a little. That night only proved how real they are. They're not putting on a mask and going on stage to perform some act as a sort routine. Kings of Leon go on stage as theirselves and they show how they're feeling at the moment and everything they do, they mean it. And for me this is they way it has to be, music and performing some of your own music has to stay real. And that night they just had a bad night, like everybody has! Long story short: I can't waith for them to return to Holland :). Here's one of my favourite vid's of KOL with Eddie Vedder performing Slow Night So Long. xoxo.

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  1. LOVE them so much to. and like you say im also a true fan from the very beggininng i shudder when people are like oh 'that sex on fire band' gahhhhhh