vrijdag 26 maart 2010

teenage wasteland

hellll yes bitches, the sun came out and it made me craving for change! the summer is slowly making its way in holland and as each year I felt the need to dye my hair blond again! and so I did, I'm blond, fresh and happy again! and yesss it's true, blonds have more fun! yesterday was the first hot day here, to celebrate I went lunching with some girls in the city in the sun with a bottle of wine, and some more! lovely, I really missed it. can't waith for the real summer te begin! spending whole days laying in the sun, sunglasses on, combinated with white wine or a cold beer followed by late summernights with friends. everythings going well at the moment, school, friends even boys! and sun, you're more than welcome to show your face some more!
have a good weekend, I know I will!

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