zondag 9 mei 2010


from far away I hear a voice I recognize from our fights.
About little misunderstandings. About big desillusions.

I notice the cold sound from your anger you kept inside. But what more can I do than cry, if I couldn't have seen this coming?

In a rage I hear you say, that you want to give this all up. That you want to take everything I cherish in this life.

And I'm listening how your words are striking me with this destroying power.

This coldness drives me crazy, and this feeling is terrifying. But your words continue.

Why haven't you told me earlier that you've been so alienated from me?

Why've you been talking about love, when all this time, you never loved me?

I'm losing myself to the despair, I feel my tears burning. There's no place I'd rather be than in your arms right now.

But everything that has always made me feel so safe, turned out to be one big lie.

It's like someone else has crawled into your body. And I don't even know how he got there.

To erase your love, to destroy my world, is there no one out there who wants tell me.. that this all was just a dream?

These are the beautiful lyrics from a beautiful dutch song 'Margherita' from Marco Borsato(absolutely the best singer from holland, you may know him from duets with Andrea Bocelli or Lucie Silvas), I translated the lyrics to English (and changed some things because sometimes the dutch expressions just doesn't make sence in english), but you should really check it out, the song always makes me cry a little, so beautiful and touching: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WKAdqUoBcM

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