zondag 27 juni 2010

Let's runaway together to some place magic, let's be free & careless

Busy days. Late night partys almost everyday. Shopping yesterday; 4 new dresses and new pair of heels. Went to my parents' boat today with my family, qualitytime and soo burned. It was too hot. I always refuse to put on sunprotection because I'm scared I'll remain white. Now I look like a lobster. Been living with no make-up, do not care anymore about looking fashionable, it's too hot. Normally I like to straighten my hair but there's no time/energy.

Being little nostalgic lately. Currently listening to the soundtrack of bambi, yeah there is one. And reminiscing with my girls about our friendship and how blessed we are to have one another and what kind of changes there are coming next year. I love them so much, they've been there for me when times were rough and they've made me learn from my mistakes and they have given me the best,craziest,wildest times of my life. They're family. Thinking about the idea that next year everyone will go their own way and split and we'll only get to see eachother during the holidays makes me teary.

Also watched 'The Last Kiss', with Zach Braff & Rachel Bilson. I really liked it with the beautiful song of Joshua Radin - Starmile at the end, it was perfect. Just a perfect movie te watch en relax about love, what else. And so addicted to Arctic Monkeys - Crying Lightning, the first lines always thrill me.

Early night tonight, I could use some extra sleeptime at the moment! Tommorrow The Netherlands - Slovakia, can't waith!

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