donderdag 12 augustus 2010

he's so much more than you used to

# just got back from my lovely trip to france, lots of sun, in contrast to the dark of holland! and lots of chilling at the beach, sleeping, reading, listening to music, late night cosmopolitans and summer romances. Why are the boys from a foreign land so much more attractive and perfect than the boys from my school/work etc? Soso happy about my decision couple weeks back to breakup with mr nobody. So many better man in this world.
#finally ordered 'eat pray love' on the internet after hearing so much about it.

# my summer tunes of this summer:
Kings of Leon - Where Nobody Knows
Bobby Banzini - I Wonder
Mat Kearny - Can't Break Her Fall
José Gonzáles - Heartbeats
South - Painth The Silence
Elliot Smith - Between The Bars
Citizen Cope - Sideways
Radiohead- Fog (pianoversion)
Joseph Arthur - In The Sun
# went to 'Inception' yesterday, what a movie! One of the best I have seen in a long time! Really, go see it! It will keep your mind going!
# After two amazing trips it's time to go back to reality, that means working working working all day every day and starting my driving lessons (finally). After three weeks of this, it's also time to go back to school!

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