woensdag 15 september 2010

young rich & tasteless.

# worried, my philosophyteacher talked about 'being tired of life' today, and added to it: but you don't know how that feels like, you're too young for that! Worried..
# loooooving the new single 'Radioactive' of Kings of Leon, they're finally touring and coming in my direction again, stayed on the phone for an hour couple days ago for tickets. Sold out. Finding some illegal way to get tickets, I have to go to that concert! Word has it 4th album is gonna be epiccc
# Rebuilding the kitchen at home, have been eating take away and delivery for two weeks now, actually craving for vegatables
# Watched first epoisode of GG again, loved it again
# Seriously thinking about taking a tattoo
# New addiction: cowboyboots, already have 2 pairs, need more.
# Realized something has to change big time because it's so frustating still not being over that one guy, after 4,5 years still comparing every single boy I meet with him. He has a hold of my heart and that needs to change.

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