zondag 26 september 2010

your nerve damage shows

lastweek; Lifehouse was amazingg! Did not expect it at all but they really blew me away! They're really really good live I truelly recommend to go to their shows if possible! Had a blast, was with one of my best friends, druk alotttt of beer and smoked alot of ciga's, found a way backstage (don't ask me how but somehow we always end up backstage) and got to meet the band and they're also so nice in person!
yesterday; partied with all of my besties, first alot of wine at my place, great to see everyone again and everytime I see them I just know these friendships are gonna last. It gives me a warm feeling to have people around who will stick with me through everything.
today; relaxing time, study a bit, order sushi and watching the hills!

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