woensdag 17 februari 2010

It’s time now to sing out, tho the story never ends let's celebrate remember a year in the life of friends.. remember

I've had a crazy week, from thursday until this morning I've been partying/dancing/drunk, carnaval has come to an end so it's time to get back te reality starting today: just got back from work.. I hate how fast things go, this week was so much fun but not only have I been drinking like an idiot, I've been thinking alot. This week made me realize a lot of things:
#girls are so mean, sometimes I wish I only had boys as friends. Girls are evil gossipqueens who're doing things/saying things only for their own benefit. You just never know what they think of you, they're nice to your face but you just don't know what they're saying behind your back. And why all the drama, always.
#love doesn't come flying into your face out of nothing, if I'd like something to be done I really need to take matters in own hands. I don't know how but I need to make a plan, it just doesn't work anymore.
#also I realized that having dinner in a restaurant and run away before paying the bill is not a good idea. It may seem the perfect way out of you're hungry and broke when you're drunk but it just isn't. Especially when you know half of the staff of the restaurant.
#I should really try to live in the presence instead of always dreaming, fantasizing and wondering about stupid stuff that isn't going to happen ever. I need to realize that there just are things impossible in live, try to stay realistic. I feel like if I want to, really really want to, I could do anything. I'm an optimistic dreamer and I should try not to lose myself in my dreams.
#karma really is a bitch, it's always coming to you when you least expect it.
#alcohol is becoming my biggest enemy, this week I almost woke up every morning thinking what the HELL have I done yesterday
I'm going to sleep now, I'm too tired to think, luckily for me there's a scrubs marathon on TV

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