zondag 28 februari 2010

I could spent all summer sitting here making daisychains

Oh my god I'm having the worst hangover you can imagine, litterly when I woke up I was still drunk but I had to be somewhere at 12 and I couldn't walk straight. What have I done yesterday? It was crazy, one of those nights I'm not gonna forget anytime soon. I remember coming home with a hole in my t-shirt, which is really shitty because it was new and really happy with it, but ofcourse yesterday it was hilarious. I was trying to climb over a fence. Also I remember coming home with only 1 earring, I probably lost it during my climbing. I'm even embarressed typing this but I also made someone cheat on his girlfriend. Oh jesus what have I done, I'm gonna have to lay down for a moment. It's been some weekend.

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