zondag 13 juni 2010

wake-up call, caught me in the morning

last night:
drank too much beer;rendezvous with an old lover forget how sexy he was;drinking for courage;reconnected with another ex who cheated on me, left things to the past, forgot how easy it was to talk with him;started to have second thoughts about my futureplans;danced in a way girls should never dance, even in their drunk and stupid;went home with the wrong guy, left his place before things got really out of control.

hangovered;woke up with bruises all over, whats up with that? I always wake up totally bruised after a good night out, my knee is also wounded for some reason;busy schedule for the rest of the week;woke up one hour ago and sipping on my third coffee;not looking forward to working tonight;should really talk with the dean bout my drastic changes I think I'm gonna make for my future;cancelled on a birthdayparty this night;need a small break;sleep early.

watching the dutch soccer game in the bar with friends;will be the dutch fool, once again;totally dressed in orange;hate this colour;still very much dutch pride.

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