vrijdag 4 juni 2010


just a quick post, I finished my exams last week and next week I'll know if I'm graduated, very very nervous, I think I did though, it went well! I'm optimistic. So to celebrate me being finished in highschool FINALLY I went to Pinkpop, this awsome festival! had the time of my life, laying in the grass in the sun, meeting new cool people, drinking and smoking from morning till sleeptime, standing front row @ John Mayer, Temper Trap, Paolo Nutini, Biffy Clyro, rocking and being silly @ Rammstein, they're insane. And literally going CRAZY last night @ The Prodigy, they're so awsome! And hanging backstage with Temper Trap all night, meeting Green Day also here! How we got backstage, don't really know, drunk drunk, meeting the singer of the temper trap inviting us, security being difficult, jumped some fences and run for my life. Best weekend ever.

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