zondag 15 augustus 2010

hand me down my pants and get me of the street

aww totally hangovered, lost my voice, wearing my yesterdays make-up still, and broken down tired from toes to head. The weather hasn't been great here and yesterday was one of the few days with alot of sun and nothing to do like work or driving lessons etc. So one of my besties and me decided to go to the beach, which is a two hour drive, and just chill the whole day there, than drive back, open roof & loud music, have dinner somewhere on the way, fresh up at home, drink a little vino and go out till 6 in the morning. It was one of those perfect days, laughed so much, smoked too much, drunk alot but most of all I had so much fun! Now there's not really much left to do today than laying in my bed and watch some movies. Feels like oldtime weekends :) XX

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