vrijdag 13 augustus 2010

night in the city where the lights has introduced me to your face

why talk when baby i can look in those dreamy eyes forever?
why spoil it with words and reality when my sight is all i need right now?
reason is being overrated

but i am lost in time and in a place so far
I don't even know your name

shots are running and jack is ruling my night
i could stay here all night

you make me want to stay

blinding lights, bad company but it feels right
i need you to stay

your pretty face becomes my drug
daydreaming has become a part of the day

watching the door
word has it you like your saturdays in here

idealised scenario's aint happening tonight
give me your cigarette and your smell to hang into for an hour or some
leaving, cause you're too cool to stay
go, cause i'll be good for an hour or some

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