woensdag 25 augustus 2010

hand me your stella and fly

after alot of drama, and sometimes not even drama but just annoying/boring times, I decided not to go into anything serious with boys for a little while. I'm not saying that I'm swearing them off because I love boys. I love to flirt, make out with strangers and just have a good time. I love the game. I'm still so young, why destroy my youth with all the serious relationships and tears I always end up with. I am so absolutely done with it, it makes me smile. Without all this pressure, it makes life so much more fun. Going out with the girls is all about making fun and you know, I'm getting a whole lot more attention from boys when I'm not paying attention to them. I love it. I made a whole lot of new contacts, since there are no strings attached I've been so much less stressed and wondering things like: why doesn't he call, why doesn't he text, what does he really think of me blablabla. For me that's all bullshit right now. Just living my life and not overthinking everything that much, and its going great:)

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